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Lendlord was created with one primary goal: 

make your portfolio work for you. 


Be Efficient

Say “goodbye” to antiquated and inefficient excel spreadsheets. Use the modern responsive interface to manage your portfolio from anywhere.


Be Proactive 

Never miss an opportunity to optimise your costs. Get updates and adjust your portfolio immediately.


Be Aware

Make smart decisions based on data. Get insights that will help you grow your property business wisely. 

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What is so special about Lendlord?

Cash Flow
Tracking & Analysis

Track your monthly income & expenses and review your Net cashflow, Yield and Cash on Cash overtime. On both the portfolio and property level overtime.

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I Love this platform.. It's amazing what you have done guys! This is a must product for any and all landlords

Craig Parsons

Portfolio Landlord

We take security seriously 


We are committed to keeping your data secure. With multiple safety measures we work to keep your data protected:

  • Authentication with encrypted passwords

  • Hashing of all data wiring

  • Securing session management and authorisation

  • Securing communication - protect data over SSL encryption


You're in good hands

Lendlord is a group of experienced professionals from the fields of business, technology and mortgage broking.


Outstanding Technology

Our unique technology analyses a specific profile (personal and portfolio details) and generates meaningful insights with action items to improve your portfolio performance 


The platform core functionality is free to use

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